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If an accident is about to occur, the Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® system will activate. The system takes precautionary measures to ensure the safety of both you and your passengers, and it is available in most of the Mercedes-Benz lineup. Learn more about this high tech safety system near Monroe at Ray Catena of Freehold.

What Does the PRESAFE® Mercedes-Benz System Do?

Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® system kicks in if the technology senses that an accident is about to occur. This smart technology takes the following steps to protect you from harm:

  • The front head restraints adjust for maximum crash protection. They move to the best position for preventing passenger injuries.
  • The windows and sunroof close if a rollover is possible, helping to prevent debris from entering the cabin.
  • Increased tension in the front safety belts protects occupants from injury.

Additionally, select models will emit a tone that causes a reaction within the inner ear to protect you from loud noises that may occur. The PRESAFE® and PRESAFE® Sound safety systems work together with other Mercedes-Benz features to give you additional peace of mind while you explore Old Bridge and beyond.

Which Mercedes-Benz Models Include PRESAFE®?

You can find Mercedes-Benz PRESAFE® systems included as standard or available with the following models:

  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz CLA
  • Mercedes-Benz CLS
  • Mercedes-Benz GLA
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS
  • Mercedes-Benz SLC
  • Mercedes-Benz SL

Get in touch with Ray Catena of Freehold to find out whether your next Mercedes-Benz model includes PRESAFE®.

What Does “PRESAFE® Functions Limited” Mean?

If your Mercedes-Benz vehicle displays “Pre Safe Functions Limited”, additional service may be needed. This message will show on the vehicle’s information panel located directly behind the steering wheel. Typically, it means that a sensor needs adjustments or a good cleaning. Either way, be sure to have a certified technician take a look and schedule a service appointment with Ray Catena of Freehold.

Turn to Ray Catena of Freehold for Safety Information

Our staff is happy to help you learn about additional Mercedes-Benz safety systems, including DISTRONIC PLUS® and Active Brake Assist. You can contact Ray Catena of Freehold with any questions, or plan a trip to our showroom near Old Bridge!

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